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# League of Legends 5v5

Wanneer? Fri 30 Mar 22:00
Toernooiformaat? Team vs Team
Waar? Online @The Party 16
  De inschrijvingen zijn momenteel gesloten!

Om de League of Legends 5v5 tijdig te kunnen starten dient ieder team zich bij de compo admins voor 30-03-2018 22:00 te confirmen. Ieder team die niet voor dit tijdstip de status "confirmed" heeft zal helaas niet meer mee kunnen doen. Om je team te kunnen confirmen dienen alle teamleden zich aangemeld te hebben binnen het team.

SeatNR en LoL Summoner Name
Om er voor te zorgen dat iedereen makkelijk te vinden is willen wij graag dat in ieder geval alle team captains hun stoelnummer en summoner name op hun profiel zetten (http://tp16.lanergy.eu). Wanneer die niet in je Lanergy profiel staan kun je jezelf ook niet confirmen.

Het merendeel van de communicatie tussen admins en spelers zal verlopen via Discord. Het is daarom van groots belang dat spelers gedurende hun deelname aan de competitie verbonden zijn met #league_of_legends op de Discord server van het evenement.

Compo info
Direct na het spelen van je match en het invoeren/bevestigen van de scores door de 2 team captains kun je door naar de volgende match. Mocht je tegenstander niet reageren op een bericht of invite in LoL, loop dan even langs de seat van je tegenstander.

Start tijden
De groep fase dient voor 31-03-2018 10:00 afgerond te zijn.
Voor de brackets zal aangegeven worden om welke tijd de match dient te starten. Mochten beide teams het er mee eens zijn dan mag de match eerder gestart worden.

Groep fase/bracket
Best of 1
Beste 2 teams van iedere groep gaan door.

Best of 1

Upper bracket halve finales
Best of 3

Halve finales
Best of 3

Best of 5 met een 1-0 lead voor het upper bracket team


To be able to start the League of Legends 5v5 in time it is important that every team makes sure that their subscribtion is marked as "confirmed" before 30-03-2018 22:00. We don't really want to but we are forced to forfeit the teams that fail to be confirmed before this point in time. To be able to confirm your team you have to make sure that all members have signed up at the team.

SeatNR and LoL Summoner Name
To make sure that everyone can be easily located we request all team captains to please complete your TP16 profile (http://tp16.lanergy.eu) with your seat number and your LoL summoner name. Without these details at atleast the Lanergy profile of the team captain you can not confirm.

Most of the communication between admins and players will go through Discord. It is very important that the contestants have to be connected to #league_of_legends at the Discord server of this event.

Competition information
When a match has finished and both team captains have enterd/confirmed the score you can start the next match if the other team is ready. If the other team is not responding to your ingame invite or ingame DM please try to meet them at their seatnumber.

Starting times
The group stage has to be finished before 31-03-2018 10:00.
At the bracket stage the match times will be displayed. Please make sure you start the match at this time. If both teams agree it is possible to start a match before the listed match time.

Group stage/bracket
Best of 1
The 2 top groups of each team will advance

Top bracket semi finals
Best of 3

Semi finals
Best of 3

Best of 5 with a lead of 1-0 for the upper bracket team
Our General Rules apply to all of our competitions.

During the competitions it is only allowed to pick champions that have been released more than two weeks prior to this competition.

1. Discord-Info
2. Format
3. Maps
4. Game Settings
5. Match start time
6. No show
7. Valid team
8. Substitute players
9. Game recording
10. Game pauses
11. Disqualifications
12. Match outcome

1. Discord-Info
Most of the communication between admins and players will go through Discord. It is very important that the contestants have to be connected to #league_of_legends at the Discord server of this event.
2. Format
5v5, Group stage is best of 1, bracket is best of 1, semi-finals is best of 3 and the finals is best of 5 with a lead of 1-0 for the upper bracket finalist.
3. Maps
Summoner's Rift
4. Game Settings
Tournament Draft Mode
5. Match start time
The entire group stage has te be finished before 31-03-2018 10:00.
At the bracket stage the match times will be displayed. If the game has not been played before the official game start time both teams are expected to show up and be ready to play by the ‘official start time’.
6. No show
If a valid team is not in the lobby 10 minutes after the match start time, a no-show will be automatically assigned to the team not ready to play. Your full team of five must stay in the lobby until that time. If both the teams fail to show up in time with 5 members and be ready to play 10 minutes past the match start time, a double no-show will be assigned.
7. Valid team
Fewer than five members on a team will not constitute a valid team. If a game is played 4 v 5 or similar, the team without a full roster will be disqualified regardless of the match outcome. It is the team captain his/her responsibility to make sure that every member of the team is present at The party, is listed at the team roster, is ready in time for each match and is only on one team at the League of Legends 5v5 tournament
8. Substitute players
Only the players listed at the team page are allowed to play. The team roster should have five players before the start of the competition. As long as the the tournament is stil open it is allowed to change the team roster. It is not allowed to make use of a substitute player once the competition has started.
9. Game recording
It is every team their own responsibility to record the match. In case of a dispute, unfair conduct, cheating, etc. the team has to supply a proof to the competition admin.
10. Game pauses
The game pause is an option available in tournaments to handle major difficulties that cannot be resolved during the game.
Teams may only pause the game if:
* There is a major issue to solve
* There are no fights underway
* After the game is paused, the opposing team must be notified for the reasons of the pause
* Any disputes should be handled between the teams during the pause
* If there is any kind of unfair conduct, teams must make a screenshot and, after the game is over, alert an adjudicator in command of their round
* After a game in which there was a pause, all the players that played the game must stay logged in for 10 minutes after the game’s end to help the adjudicator understand what happened

In all cases the competition admin has to be informed.
It is up to the competition admin to examine the evidence provided, and then to either validate the game result, restart the game, or disqualify a team (for improper pause usage). The team captain, whenever possible, is responsible to gather evidence of the issue as proof for the adjudicator.
11. Disqualifications
All of the following may result in disqualification upon the competition admin's discretion:
* Any team accused and proved to be using any hacks, cheats giving them an unfair advantage in the game.
* Any team displaying poor sportsmanship or not following the Summoner’s Code
* Any team member using language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct, in or near the match area, at any time.
* Playing without a full roster of five players
* Account Sharing: Summoners using the original roster’s summoner account with a different player playing
* Collusion: Intentionally feeding/throwing the game for the purpose of the other team winning
* Making use of any bugs, bots etc.

The competition admin has discretion over any matters not listed above. Full uncropped game screenshots or stream footage must be provided to validate disqualification claims. If disqualified, a team forfeits its right to all prizes.
12. Match outcome
The results have to be entered at the Lanergy competition page by both team captains at the end of each game.

Every team is responsible for playing the requisite number of games consecutively in order to determine the winner of the round. For example, if the match is a best-of-three, both teams should play the two (or three) games needed to determine the winner of the round.

The games must be played back-to-back and cannot be spaced out over hours or days. Both teams are allowed 10 minutes from the Victory/Defeat screen until the next lobby should begin. If a longer pause is needed, this needs to be agreed on with the competition admin first.

Ingeschreven teams: 18

Confirmed: 18/18 (100%)
Team Inschrijfnummer Bevestigd
aapjes op een stokje 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Cbz OPROTJE MET JE DOTJE 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Cooleroonie 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
GamersNET Rebels 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Gucci Gank 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
jishie00 team 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Late Night Tilt Squad 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
mCon esports LoL 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Melvin en de hardstucks! 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
New Dynasty 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
ObsidianThieves 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Pauper Squad 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
ROX Kittens 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Sector One . LoL 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Team Echo Zulu 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
ToxicFeeders 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
Zephyr Behemoths 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd
ZPR-VreemdeVogels 0 Aanwezigheid bevestigd

Group Stage

1New Dynasty 412400
2jishie00 team49301
3GamersNET Rebels 46202
4aapjes op een stokje43103
1mCon esports LoL412400
4Pauper Squad43103
5ROX Kittens43103
1Sector One . LoL39300
2Zephyr Behemoths36201
4Late Night Tilt Squad30003
1Team Echo Zulu39300
2Gucci Gank36201
4Melvin en de hardstucks!30003

Group A Matches
Ronde 1
22:30 GamersNET Rebels 1 - vs - 0 aapjes op een stokje
22:30 New Dynasty 1 - vs - 0 Cooleroonie
Ronde 2
12:00 aapjes op een stokje 0 - vs - 1 New Dynasty
12:00 jishie00 team 1 - vs - 0 GamersNET Rebels
Ronde 3
00:30 New Dynasty 1 - vs - 0 jishie00 team
00:30 Cooleroonie 0 - vs - 1 aapjes op een stokje
Ronde 4
01:30 jishie00 team 1 - vs - 0 Cooleroonie
01:30 GamersNET Rebels 0 - vs - 1 New Dynasty
Ronde 5
02:30 Cooleroonie 0 - vs - 1 GamersNET Rebels
02:30 aapjes op een stokje 0 - vs - 1 jishie00 team
Group B Matches
Ronde 1
22:30 Pauper Squad 1 - vs - 0 ObsidianThieves
22:30 ROX Kittens 0 - vs - 1 ZPR-VreemdeVogels
Ronde 2
12:00 ObsidianThieves 1 - vs - 0 ROX Kittens
12:00 mCon esports LoL 1 - vs - 0 Pauper Squad
Ronde 3
00:30 ROX Kittens 0 - vs - 1 mCon esports LoL
00:30 ZPR-VreemdeVogels 1 - vs - 0 ObsidianThieves
Ronde 4
01:30 mCon esports LoL 1 - vs - 0 ZPR-VreemdeVogels
01:30 Pauper Squad 0 - vs - 1 ROX Kittens
Ronde 5
02:30 ZPR-VreemdeVogels 1 - vs - 0 Pauper Squad
02:30 ObsidianThieves 0 - vs - 1 mCon esports LoL
Group C Matches
Ronde 1
22:30 Late Night Tilt Squad 0 - vs - 1 Cbz OPROTJE MET JE DOTJE
22:30 Sector One . LoL 1 - vs - 0 Zephyr Behemoths
Ronde 2
12:00 Cbz OPROTJE MET JE DOTJE 0 - vs - 1 Zephyr Behemoths
12:00 Late Night Tilt Squad 0 - vs - 1 Sector One . LoL
Ronde 3
00:30 Sector One . LoL 1 - vs - 0 Cbz OPROTJE MET JE DOTJE
00:30 Zephyr Behemoths 1 - vs - 0 Late Night Tilt Squad
Group D Matches
Ronde 1
22:30 Gucci Gank 1 - vs - 0 Melvin en de hardstucks!
22:30 ToxicFeeders 0 - vs - 1 Team Echo Zulu
Ronde 2
12:00 Melvin en de hardstucks! 0 - vs - 1 Team Echo Zulu
12:00 Gucci Gank 1 - vs - 0 ToxicFeeders
Ronde 3
00:30 ToxicFeeders 1 - vs - 0 Melvin en de hardstucks!
00:30 Team Echo Zulu 1 - vs - 0 Gucci Gank

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  • jishie
    ik en een maat zoeken nog 3 mensen die mee willen doen aan de 5v5 league of legends toerni, ranks maken niet uit. zoek jij ook nog 2 mensen kom dan ff langs mijn plek EE21
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