# Rainbow Six Siege

When? Sat 31 Mar 15:00
Format? Team vs Team
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is het nieuwste deel in de veelgeprezen first-person shooter franchise ontwikkeld door Ubisoft Montreal voor de nieuwe generatie consoles en PC. Geïnspireerd op de realiteit van Units van over heel de wereld, nodigt Rainbow Six Siege je uit om de kunst van het vernietigen te leren beheersen. Intensieve confrontaties in beperkte ruimtes, tactieken, teamplay en explosieve dodelijke acties staan centraal in de ervaring. De multiplayer-gameplay van Rainbow Six Siege zet een nieuwe standaard voor intense vuurgevechten en strategie in lijn met de rijke historie van de voorgaande Rainbow Six games.

1st place: Bastards1G
2nd place: Gaming Alliance | Siege
3rd place: RB6 AETAS eSports


How to play a match:
  •  Bracket: Bo1 / Only Final Bo3

Group stage and or single/double elimination brackets will be determined by the admin on March 31st.


  •  Playlist Type: Normal Mode
  •  Server Type: Dedicated Server
  •  Voice Chat: Team Only
  •  Time of the Day: Day
  •  HUD Settings: Pro League


  •  Number of Rounds: 8
  •  Attacker/Defender role swap: 1
  •  Overtime: 3 Rounds
  •  Overtime score difference: 2
  •  Overtime role change: 1
  •  Objective Rotation Parameter: 1
  •  Attacker Unique Spawn: On
  •  Damage handicap: 100
  •  Friendly fire damage: 100
  •  Injured: 20
  •  Sprint: On
  •  Lean: On
  •  Death Replay: Off


  •  Plant duration: 7
  •  Defuse duration: 7
  •  Fuse time: 45
  •  Defuse Carrier Selection: On
  •  Preparation Phase Duration: 45
  •  Action Phase Duration: 180

All Operators are allowed, as long as they are available to all players. If an operator is only available to Season Pass holders, it cannot be used. So at the Party all Operators are allowed.


  •  Bank
  •  Border
  •  Chalet
  •  Club House
  •  Consulate
  •  Kafe Dostoyevsky
  •  Coastline
  •  Oregon
  •  Skyscraper

Will go as following with a BO1:
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map + Team B decides if they want to start as the attacking or defending team.

Will go as following with a BO3:
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map + Team B decides which map will be the first map and decides if they want to start as Att or Def.
Team A decides which map will be played second and if they want to start Att or Def on that map.
If the third map is going to be played. A coin flip decides which team decides who starts as Att and Def.

Player dropping out of a match:
If a player drops from the server during a match, the round will continue uninterrupted until the end (Round starts with the first second of the preparation phase). After completion of the round, the player who disconnected will be allowed to re-join the server. The match is considered “live” when the first round has started. At least 4 players need to remain and the match needs to be played until the match end and a winner is decided. If this isn’t possible due to connection issues, it will be considered as a forfeit in favour for the team who is able to have all players on the server.
Every team can re-host the server once in a match. If problems like this appear again, such as a player dropping out when the match has already been re-hosted, the team need to play the match with the 4 remaining players to its conclusion. Any abuse of this rule will be considered as deception and will result in penalization and including disqualification of the team.
If a Team leaves the server without informing the opponent, the team risks forfeiting the match. Each user is responsible for his/her own Hardware.

Subscribed teams: 6

Confirmed: 5/6 (83%)
banana or beneneUnconfirmed
Gaming Alliance | SiegeConfirmed
RB6 AETAS eSportsConfirmed
Stroopwafel Warriors Confirmed


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